The first network of places for working and studying surrounded by nature

Have you ever desired to work or study surrounded by nature?

NATworking is the first network of workspaces completely immersed in a natural environment. Far from urban chaos, you will be able to find the right stimulus to focus on your work or study. NATworking is also a social network for developing local communities.

We promote promotes slow tourism, the discovery of nature and cultural heritage. The digital platform offers multiple workspaces already present in rural areas to those looking for a better quality space to improve their working days. finding a new work-life balance.

NATworking - Graphic Contest


NATworking is officially started!

We are currently working to build the booking system with several workspaces already active in Piemonte, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta, in Italy. We want to find the perfect solution for each natworker looking for natural places to work or study. Work is not the only thing in life. We envision a healthy work environment, cultural and sports events, tourism, psychological training courses, and much more to feel good physically and mentally. NATworking will also be a community of people that are looking for a more sustainable lifestyle!
All these services will be available very soon, thanks to an online platform… but we need you to build it!

A Graphic Contest to give the project a look: send us your ideas!

We are looking for a professional figure for the construction of the booking platform.

Working in a basic, comfortable and accessible environment, far from urban chaos and congestion.

Due to COVID-19, working remotely became common, and nowadays freelancers are not the only ones to be considered digital nomads. All workers can practice smart working, they just need a desk and internet connection, but this does not mean a consequent improvement in life quality. It is essential to have access to a workspace designed specifically for these activities.

Have you ever heard about the right to free time?

Working flexibility and burnout. On the one hand, the overcrowded cities lack adequate workspaces, and on the other hand rural areas have been depopulating because they suffer the absence of services and infrastructures. NATworking is the solution. Working all our lives in low-quality environments, we often forget that we do not live to work but we work to live. We want to talk especially to younger generations and gig workers who need to be educated to a correct work-life balance. The project promotes health through paths and initiatives to prevent work-related stress situations, which can lead to depression, burnout and loneliness.

Underuse of facilities, depopulation of rural areas, digital divide and commuting.

NATworking will address these challenges taking advantage of those potentialities already present in our rural territories. Facilities and local stakeholders are moving toward the challenge, rethinking their offer and looking to the future. We want to converge these energies to relaunch places and marginal territories. 

All you need to change your life


The natural environment is the key feature of NATworking workspaces. Students, freelancers and employees will be able to work in unusual and stimulating places. Local activities in rural areas will benefit from temporary natworker residents, promoting territories’ cultural and natural heritage.


The community of natworkers and workspace owners is the network animating the project. Either you have a facility or you are a nomad worker, NATworking will allow you to share your experiences, meet people and grow personally.


Free time is essential, and notworking should be a right. To prevent work-related stress, it is important to maintain the right balance between work and private life. NATworking allows working in a relaxing and healthy environment, increasing personal productivity, well-being and happiness.

Where does the NATworking idea come from?

Even before COVID-19, we were dreaming to have a flexible working station, working everywhere without limits.

Cooperativa NEMO
Alle Ortiche APS

NATworking is a project by NATworking APS and Associazione

In 2020 NATworking won the Mind Club call for ideas with the project title Eco-Working Network and was selected for the call GxG – Giovani per Giovani by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione Carige.
Compagnia di San Paolo
Fondazione Carige

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